Our Story

The story of Sinclar starts simply: with two men who wanted to plant roots in a community and help build it. Sinclar’s founders, Ivan Andersen and Bob Stewart, started a legacy that continues to this day. The two started Sinclar as a lumber wholesaler in 1962, navigating market fluctuations and shifting environments, turning change and adaptability into the company’s strength. 

The model was clearly successful. When Ivan and Bob first started operating under the Sinclar name, they were one of 20 lumber wholesalers in the Prince George region. Within a few years, they were the only one. Through strong leadership, constant innovation, and always putting community partnerships at the heart of the business, the Andersen and Stewart families have grown Sinclar into a thriving group of companies rooted in British Columbia’s Central Interior, producing a variety of forest products and sustainable energy. 


Bob Stewart


Ivan Andersen

The Story Begins

Ivan Andersen and Bob Stewart start Sinclar Enterprises in Prince George, BC as lumber wholesalers. 

They decided to name their new enterprise after the town in which they met, Sinclair Mills, BC. 

Sinclar Expands into Manufacturing

Andersen, Stewart, and Dean Shaw buy into Apollo Forest Products in Fort St. James, BC with Buster Irving

Andersen and Stewart buy into Nechako Lumber Co. planer mill in Vanderhoof, BC with co-owners Lloyd Larsen, Mike Manojlovic, 

L&M Lumber

Larsen, Manojlovic,  Gene Scott, Andersen, and Stewart open L&M Lumber sawmill in Vanderhoof, BC

Lakeland Mills

Andersen, Stewart, and George Killy acquire Lakeland Mills in Prince George, BC

Creation of Internal Woodlands Department
Lakeland Mills Energy System

An energy system gets installed at Lakeland Mills

The Pas Lumber Company

Andersen, Stewart, and Killy acquire The Pas Lumber Company

Tl'oh Forest Products

Tl'oh Forest Products opens in Fort St. James, BC in partnership with Nak'azdli First Nation

Spruce Capital Homes

The Pas Lumber Company acquires Spruce Capital Homes

Leaders in the Industry

Apollo installs the first "Finscan" auto-grading system in Canada

Premium Pellet

Sinclar expands into the wood pellets industry with the addition of Premium Pellet Ltd. in Vanderhoof, BC

Winton Global

The Pas Lumber Company name is changed to Winton Global Lumber

Spruce Capital Homes begins doing business as Winton Global Homes Division

Sinclar Group Forest Products

Sinclar Enterprises is renamed to Sinclar Group Forest Products to reflect their group of companies and the wide variety of forest products they produce and sell. 

UNBC Partnership
UNBC Energy System

Lakeland begins agreement with UNBC to supply mill residuals for the university's bioenergy plant

Downtown Renewable Energy System

Lakeland Mills enters agreement with the City of Prince George to provide heat for the Downtown Renewable Energy System

Winton Homes Ltd.

Winton Global Homes Division's name is changed to Winton Homes Ltd. 

Nechako Green Energy

Nechako Green Energy opens as the first Organic Rankine Cycle energy system used in wood processing in North America

Closure of Tl'oh Forest Products
Alignment of Centralized Woodlands Team
Integration of Nechako Lumber Co.

The Andersen and Stewart families acquire full ownership of the Vanderhoof lumber operations (Nechako Lumber and L&M Lumber) and Nechako Green Energy, which are brought together as Nechako Lumber Co.

Celebrating 50 Years

Nechako Lumber and Apollo Forest Products celebrate 50 years of operation

Sinclar Celebrates 60 Years

Sinclar Group Forest Products celebrates 60 years of operation

And the story continues...