Fred has a long history in forestry, and deep roots in the Sinclar family.

He joined Apollo Forest Products in Fort St. James in 2011 as their Silviculture Forester. Now he’s tasked with securing a sustainable timber supply for Apollo, Nechako Lumber Co., and Lakeland Mills.

I’m responsible for providing a consistent supply of timber for our mill operations, but I’m also obliged to grow biodiverse forests that must last 120 years. Sinclar has allowed me to do both, and it’s incredibly rewarding.

One of the many challenges of managing Sinclar’s forests is adapting to rapidly changing climate conditions. Fred has had to shift plans based on extreme events like the Mountain Pine and Spruce Beetle infestations, and wildfires that threaten their harvests. According to Fred, when he comes to his leadership team with a problem, they ask him, “What’s the solution?” and let him explore the options.

As a result, he’s been able to put some plans in motion that advance the long-term viability of the forest from both an environmental and financial perspective.

Sinclar puts a great deal of trust in the people they put in the various positions…they see skills in their team and then throw their support and training opportunities at them to make the most of those skills.

With the trust Sinclar has placed in Fred, he’s been able to forge relationships with two key nurseries – Industrial Forest Service in Prince George, and PRT Armstrong – that will ensure seedling supplies for spring planting in 2022 and 2023. At a time when seed stock is at a premium, these two relationships give Sinclar stability for future harvests and healthy, biodiverse forests for decades to come.

While Fred appreciates the professional challenges within the company, he also appreciates the culture.

Sinclar is very generous in the community, and they’ve had a great relationship with local First nations, long before anyone else in the industry.

How would I describe Sinclar? Generous…and enduring.