Picture of Thomasina at her desk

Thomasina Peters is a Design Technician with Winton Homes & Cottages. When she took a summer job as a delivery driver in 2013, she didn’t anticipate the path that would lead her to this role within Sinclar Group Forest Products.

Thomasina drove a 5-tonne truck and had a willingness to hustle. As a university student, she needed to make the summer break count to pay tuition for her next semester. She delivered trusses and wall packages for Winton, and when business slowed down on the production side, she took a job as a receptionist and worked with the finance team.

The following summer, she worked in the purchasing department, and the next summer as a junior sales representative. It was during her shift into marketing that the spark of Thomasina’s flame was lit.

I realized that Winton needed renderings and video walkthroughs for their sales pitches. So, I started using the design program to create those renderings.

I took weekend classes to learn more about the program. I learned how to build a website. And Winton supported me all the way. Any interest I had, they encouraged me to run with it.

The entire company supports learning and growth.

Thomasina’s understanding of the entire process at Winton is a true asset. Now, as a Design Technician, she can help clients build their dream home.

Every package I’ve worked on is special on its own. Every person has their own dream…there is so much passion that goes behind every design.

I’m allowed to be creative and build my knowledge every day. I’m encouraged by the management team to keep learning and growing.

When I first started with Winton, I didn’t know how to swing a hammer. Now I’m designing homes.