We Operate Sustainably and are Wise Stewards of our Forests

With a vast terrain of diverse forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, the Central Interior of British Columbia is home to some of the most remarkable landscapes in the world. We take our role as responsible stewards of this magnificent environment seriously. It is important to us that both present and future generations can enjoy the land we are privileged to call home. 


We take great care to protect the water quality from our operations and reduce our impacts on riparian areas (land around streams and rivers) so our local wildlife and their habitats continue to thrive. 

Photo by Diana Dykstra, Nechako Lumber Co.


We use the latest forest management practices to keep our airborne emissions at a minimum. By employing full fibre utilization, we limit slash left in the forests, reducing the risk of forest fires and impacts on air quality.


Healthy forests are healthy homes for wildlife. Our sustainable forest management program and reforestation plans are designed to optimize biological diversity to keep forests strong and productive, while preserving wildlife habitats. 

Photo by Cody Donahue, Lakeland Mills Ltd.

Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable forest management has been at the core of our business since our founding. Our team of Registered Foresters and technicians draw on the latest forestry science and technology to ensure long-term sustainability of our environment.

The forests Sinclar companies manage are 100% SFI certified. We are committed to full fibre utilization, meaning we use our resources to their full extent while producing minimum waste. Through our reforestation plans, we have planted 183 million trees to nurture a diverse and resilient ecosystem. Our sustainable forestry program also supports soil conservation, air and water quality, wildlife and aquatic habitats.

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Seedlings Planted

Our focus is on broadening the practice of sustainable forestry on all lands through community involvement, socially responsible practices, and through recognition and respect of Indigenous peoples’ rights and traditional knowledge.

map of sinclar's operating areas in Northern BC

Sinclar Operating Area

PGTSA (Prince George Timber Supply Area)

Sinclar Operating Areas