At Sinclar we work to solve big problems through the power of wood


Our core values


We approach challenges from a long term perspective, finding solutions benefiting Sinclar and its stakeholders.

We will continue to achieve success by improving and adapting to the dynamic environment in which we operate.

We respect the land base on which we operate and seek to improve outcomes in long term sustainability.

Valuable ideas can emerge from day-to-day experiences in the field and on the shop floor. Therefore, we encourage a culture of creativity and innovation among our team


People first.

We are about growth, inclusion, and building strong relationships with employees and key stakeholders.

Our success is a direct result of our employees and their contributions.

Never straying away from our roots as a family-run business, we respect Sinclar's history and continue to honor family values: honesty, integrity, respect, trust, and flexibility.


We understand the importance of partnerships with our First Nations and community partners.

For Sinclar to thrive, our communities must also thrive.

Healthy communities are the foundation for environmental, social and economic wellbeing and lead to improved livelihoods for all.

We are only one of many stakeholders in the community, and we are committed to understanding and working with our partners to find mutually beneficial solutions.