Sustainable Forest Management and Environmental Policy

We are responsible stewards of the forests so the community can continue to enjoy them for generations to come. That’s why we place sustainability at the center of all we do. Responsible forest management is the cornerstone to the long term success of our organization. 

Sinclar’s Sustainable Forest Management and Environmental Policy commits us to forest management and reforestation practices that promote healthy soil, air, and water quality, and help conserve the biological diversity of wildlife and their habitats.

Our Certifications

We operate according to our sustainability policy and certifications to protect the ecosystems that enrich our communities.  


PEFC Chain of Custody (PEFC ST 2002:2020)

PEFC is a global forest certification alliance providing third-party certification of sustainable forest management practices. Sinclar is PEFC Chain of Custody (PEFC ST 2002:2020) certified. Chain of Custody certification tracks the origins of forest products through all stages of the supply chain to keep record of which products are sourced from certified sustainably managed forests, recycled materials or uncertified materials. The certification aims to encourage demand for products from sustainably managed forests.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)

The SFI Forest Management Standard is a certification system in Canada and the U.S. to protect forest ecosystems including water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat and species at risk. Sinclar has been SFI-certified since December of 2009 and is committed to continual responsible stewardship of forest lands.

Green Gold Label (GGL)

GGL is a certification system designed for the tracking and tracing of sustainable biomass in the energy sector and is audited by an independent third-party certification body. GGL certification covers the complete supply chain from production, processing, transportation, to final use heat and energy production applications. Premium Pellet is committed to meeting the GGL standards.

Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP)

SBP is a unique certification system designed for woody biomass, mostly in the form of wood pellets, used in industrial, large-scale energy production. SBP has developed a certification system to provide assurance that woody biomass is sourced from legal and sustainable sources and that it meets the regulatory requirements of each European end user, including the ability to collect and report on energy and carbon balance calculations for the full supply chain.