Safety by Choice, Not by Chance

At Sinclar, safety is rooted in our core values. We are focused on the continuous improvement of safety systems and processes, and on individual accountability – essential to our operations and you.

We have established a culture of safety in the workplace and encourage our team to lead by example. Family is a core value of Sinclar, which is why our number one goal is to ensure that at the end of every workday, people can go home to their families safely. 

man in PPE replacing a saw blade

Workplace Health and Safety Policy Statement

Sinclar Group Forest Products is committed to operating safely and providing everyone that works in the organization the right to a safe, healthy workplace. The prevention of workplace accidents, injury, illness, and disability is a priority and is part of Sinclar’s core values. Sinclar will provide a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, contractors, and other stakeholders doing business within the company and Sinclar will expect a reciprocal commitment to safety and safe work practices. Health and safety practices are integrated into the company’s core values, culture, overall business management, operational and maintenance procedures, and planning processes. Sinclar strives to be a top quartile industry leader in accident and injury prevention and focus on continuous improvement of health and safety. 

Partners in Safety

To achieve our health and safety goals, we are active partners with the following industry and provincial safety organizations.

BC Forest Safety Council

The BC Forest Safety Council is the Health and Safety Association for BC’s forestry industry. Their vision is to see every forestry worker goes home safe – everyday. They support the safety of our employees by providing resources, information, education, and training for forest harvesting, sawmills, and wood pellet manufacturing throughout BC. 

Our lumber, pellet, and woodlands operations are SAFE Certified with the BC Forest Safety Council. SAFE Certification is an industry-wide safety initiative designed to assist companies to continuously improve their safety performance and to evaluate company safety programs to industry standards. 

Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG)

The Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG) is the BC sawmill industry’s safety working group that seeks to analyze emerging trends and issues within sawmill operations, leverage shared experiences and develop technological, process and safety management solutions to consistently and continuously improve safe operational performance for the BC sector to secure a trusted and respected competitive position in a global marketplace. There is no competition in safety. Together traditional sawmill competitors share the best safety practices to support a quest for zero incidents so that every worker may go to work each shift and return home safely to his/her family and community.

Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC)
Safety Committee

The purpose of the WPAC Safety Committee is to improve the pellet industry’s collective environment, health, safety and sustainability performance; to create a reputation with regulatory authorities and the public as an industry that is highly effective at managing environment, health, safety and sustainability; and to learn and share best practices regarding environment, health, safety and sustainability. 

The Executive Health and Safety Council
of BC

The Executive Health and Safety Council of BC represents leaders of industry and organizations in British Columbia committed to creating and adopting practices that value health and safety. It is founded on the principle that the effective management of health and safety is essential to long term success, profitability and sustainability. By supporting this charter, senior executives commit themselves to working towards the goal of being corporately sustainable and demonstrating leadership in their communities.