Apollo Forest Products has been operating in Fort St. James, British Columbia since 1969. The mill is named after NASA’s famous Apollo space program that put astronauts on the Moon that same year. As a division of Sinclar Group Forest Products, Apollo has a reputation for producing premium quality lumber products. 

Apollo began operations with a contract to provide railway ties to BC Rail. In the late 70s, the demand for railway ties declined, and the mill continued to adapt production to align with new markets. It is now known for premium studs that are sold in North America and overseas. 

Today, Apollo is a major employer in Fort St. James, deriving significant benefit from a capable and committed work force. In an industry that has been plagued with economic highs and lows, Apollo has maintained its position as a viable and stable local employer. The company contributes to the economic well-being of its employees and their families, local businesses, and the community as a whole. 

Although Apollo provides various levels of support to the community of Fort St. James, we believe that our biggest contribution to the economic well-being of the community is through the maintenance of employment. Therefore, we strive to run an efficient and prosperous operation in the woods, the office, and in our milling facilities. We have positioned ourselves to remain a viable long term employer in the region. The values of leaders, family, and community drive everything we do, from the mill floor to the sales office. 

With its strong and secure fiber basket, the Apollo mill produces 150 million board feet of premium quality stud lumber annually.

The Apollo mill is located 10 km northeast of the town of Fort St. James along the Tachie Highway.

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