Our Purpose

At Sinclar we work to solve big problems through the power of wood. What motivates us as a company is our values. We are driven, in business and in life, to be leaders in building homes to support families and grow communities.


The home is the foundation of community. It’s a source of strength for families, and central to life’s major moments. A home is a gathering place for friends and family. It brings a sense of permanence and calm to what can be a hectic life.

Our business has been built around homes. With our products, we’ve helped construct homes for over 40,000 people each year across Canada, the US and Japan. And while the products we produce might build and heat a structure, what we’re actually doing is creating safe and comfortable spaces where families live and from which communities grow.


Photo by Diana Dykstra, Nechako Lumber Co.


As industry leaders with roots three generations deep in our communities, we value partnerships and form relationships built on trust. We continue to seek opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation while supporting healthy and vibrant communities. Our business operates within a larger context, and we appreciate and celebrate the broader success of our stakeholders.


To unlock the full potential of wood to build a better future


To build stronger, more resilient communities everyday, through the benefits of wood


Leaders, Family, Community

What We Do

We are a family-owned and operated group of companies in the Central Interior of British Columbia that produce lumber, homes, engineered wood products and wood pellets. We also run bioenergy systems that sustainably convert our residual wood into energy, powering our communities while reducing carbon emissions.

We have created hundreds of long term jobs in the forest industry, injected millions of dollars into local and provincial economies, and have enhanced the quality of life for the communities in which we live and work.