Respect, Growth and Mutual Benefit

Sinclar recognizes and respects First Nations’ rights and title on their traditional territories. We continually seek opportunities to partner with Indigenous communities to ensure forestry practices respect the Nations’ stewardship values and the environment.

Everything we do starts with relationships. Sinclar understands that the value of trust can only be developed through time. We make it a priority to invest the time to learn about and understand the unique history, traditional knowledge, culture, needs and concerns of each Nation.

Our shared approach to relationships involves more than just forestry. We work together to understand areas of importance for First Nations communities. Examples of creative solutions have included anything from education to employment to housing.  

If you take care of the earth, she will take care of you.

Sophie Thomas

Saik'uz First Nation

© Saik’uz First Nation. Used with permission

We built a relationship, and that is the most important thing for us. Once you build that relationship and you have trust, then you know what, you can work together. We can work together. I believe that.

Chief Priscilla Mueller

Saik'uz First Nation


Saik'uz First Nation

The Saik’uz First Nation and Nechako Lumber signed a 10-year Forest Benefits Agreement that will provide 200,000 cubic metres per year of timber to the Nechako Sawmill – the equivalent of 3,000 logging trucks per year. The deal strengthens and builds upon a long-standing relationship between the Saik’uz First Nation and Nechako Lumber, including a previous 20-year agreement that expired in 2018. 

The Forest Benefits Agreement will result in the increased participation of the Saik’uz First Nation in the local and regional economy, including more training and jobs for members of the Saik’uz community. The agreement also includes community infrastructure improvements and other benefits that will support priorities of the Saik’uz community. 

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Signing of the Forest Benefits Agreement

Saik'uz First Nation and Sinclar Group Forest Products
January 2019

Nak'azdli Whut'en

Sinclar has a long-standing relationship with Nak’azdli Whut’en, including a 20-year joint venture producing finger joint studs and joint forest management initiatives. The partnership created jobs and economic opportunity for the community. Nak’azdli Whut’en and Sinclar continue to explore opportunities for collaboration on new mutually beneficial projects.