Nechako Lumber Co. began planer production in 1969, purchasing rough lumber from bush mills located around the Vanderhoof area. With the addition in 1973 of the L&M Lumber sawmill, the site focused its supply chain on the abundance of small profile timber that was available as a result of large scale clearing of agricultural land in the Vanderhoof area. The sawmill has maintained its dominance in small diameter timber processing, utilizing a product that was previously piled and burned, creating value, and reducing waste. In 2017, L&M Lumber was merged into Nechako Lumber Co. 

Nechako Lumber has dedicated significant resources to developing an environmentally sustainable operation. In 2014, an investment was made to install a Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) biomass electricity generation system in Vanderhoof. This system is used to dry lumber in the kilns, and heat the sawmill and the planer mill, effectively and economically disposing of wood waste while avoiding the beehive burner and its resulting air pollution. 

In addition to the lumber manufacturing operations, Nechako Lumber operates Premium Pellet, which turns sawdust and planer shavings into wood pellets for domestic heating and power production. 

Nechako Lumber Co., along with Premium Pellet, has developed a strong working relationship with the Saik’uz First Nation. Saik’uz has been one of three primary contractors to Nechako. Over the years, our companies have helped build operational capacity within Saik’uz and hired numerous band members in the mill, pellet plant, and silviculture operations. 

Nechako Lumber Co. produces high-quality 2×3, 2×4, and 2×6 studs for domestic and export markets, as well as 1×2, 1×3, and 1×4 board stock. These products are shipped within Canada and are also exported around the world. 

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