Lakeland Mills is a household name in Prince George, British Columbia, where it has been producing lumber for domestic and international markets since 1962. A division of Sinclar Group Forest Products since 1973, Lakeland Mills has developed a global reputation for producing premium quality stud lumber. When you see the distinctive Lakeland “blue”, you know you’re working with the best. 

The company’s sawmill and planer mill complex were upgraded in 1980 and saw significant renovations and improvements over the years as technology advanced. Attention has always been paid to realizing the greatest value and lumber volume from each log processed. As a result, Lakeland Mills is known as one of the highest recovery mills in Canada. 

Following a tragic explosion and fire at the company’s sawmill on April 23, 2012, Lakeland was rebuilt and reopened in the fall of 2014. 

Lakeland’s primary products are premium grade, precision end-trimmed kiln dried 2×4 studs, as well as 2×6 and 2×3 studs, and 1×3 and 1×4 board stock. Our customers are located around the world. 

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