Anne Vaz describes her journey with Sinclar Group as “a whirlwind”.

She, her husband and son moved to Prince George from India in 2018 and within a few short years she has already found her place in the Sinclar family.

When Anne arrived in Canada, she hit the ground running; enrolling in the Human Resources program at the College of New Caledonia to upgrade the credentials she’d brought from India. She hadn’t even written her final exams when she secured an interview at Sinclar and earned her role in their Human Resources department. The fit was perfect.


Sinclar is very family-oriented. It feels like the job I left behind in India. I don’t feel like a stranger here, even though I’m foreign, I’m not an “other” in the Sinclar family. I’m just one of the crowd.


That sense of community, and family, extends beyond her time at the office. Anne noticed that she was able to make connections in the city because she was part of the Sinclar community. It gave her a place of recognition, even when she wasn’t at work. It gave her a sense of belonging.

She embraces the challenges of her role in the Human Resources department and looks forward to each day.

Every day has been a learning journey. I’m still getting new challenges – it’s my adrenalin. People get motivation from new projects. I feel like I’m adding value, and that makes me feel important. Sinclar gives me that opportunity to add value.