Brent Burton started his career as part of the clean-up crew at Lakeland Mills in 2018. Now he’s a Production Supervisor. Sinclar sees potential and lets their employees explore it.

Brent Burton was hired to “push a broom” as part of the clean-up crew at Lakeland Mills in Prince George. That was in 2018.

Fast forward three years and he’s a Production Supervisor.

Consistent with the culture of fostering growth and promoting from within, Brent has flourished professionally with Sinclar.

But it’s not just the career opportunities that inspire him.

Sinclar fosters a family environment.

They put a lot into their employees and give back to the community with projects like Christmas hampers, fundraising events, providing clean energy to the city…

I am proud to be a part of a company that cares about the community.

Brent’s journey with Lakeland took him from the Graveyard Clean-up shift to Production Clean-up, Log Bin Attendant, Sorter Operator, Chainsaw/Forklift Instructor, and then as a Supervisor, first on graveyard and then in production.

His curiosity and willingness to learn new skills, and then teach those skills to others, are part of what makes him a valued employee and role model for the culture of Sinclar.

Since my time at Sinclar, I have developed many skills in relation to safety and production. I have had time to hone my soft skills and utilize them on a daily basis.

Each day, I see employees helping one another and reminding each other of safety when needed. Many employees are friends outside of work and help each other when asked.

I believe having a family environment that involves its employees and makes them feel like more than just a number has greatly contributed to the success of Sinclar and Lakeland Mills. It has been a pleasure each step of the way and I look forward to many more years with such a great company.