Bringing Mike Carr into the Sinclar family at Winton Homes & Cottages was a bit of a gamble. He initially didn’t have a background in construction. What he did have was a reputation for a strong work ethic and a solid skill set in IT. 

The gamble paid off.

Since joining the team in 2005, Mike has become an integral part of Winton, both as an estimator and a systems administrator. As a second-generation employee, he’s embraced his role, and the Sinclar philosophy.

The familial culture is in the bones at Sinclar. It’s people first.

His work has taken him on some interesting adventures. He’s touched down in Washington, Alaska, and the Northwest Territories. He has also worked on a bungalow situated in the Arctic Circle.

For all of his travels, though, one his biggest points of pride is building legacies. 

Our clients plan to build a house to give their kids, and you realize you’re a part of the legacy. This is us.

Mike enjoys the design aspect of his job, especially helping clients work through their budget, ensuring they understand the possibilities for their new home. In many cases, those homes are in his community, so he’ll see the fruits of his labour every day.

He also enjoys the collegial culture that’s fostered throughout the organization. Three times a year, for example, the company holds Professional Development Conversations designed to keep the entire team informed and engaged.

He sees the limitless possibilities for learning and advancement – not just for himself, but for everyone in the Sinclar family.

Mentoring and job shadowing are part of the culture here. If anyone shows a spark of energy, they’re given new opportunities. It’s great working for people you can believe in, and who believe in you.